Yoga first, everything else follows

The past couple days I was spinning in thoughts and stories. When I get so wrapped up in my head I am not connected to myself, which is innately strong and confident. I can’t stand strong in what I need or what I am doing because I am ungrounded and insecure.
Last night my boyfriend asked if he could come over around 10:30PM to watch “House of Cards” and I couldn’t even make a decision. I was wavering back and forth, “but what if I don’t see him for a while and I miss him…” “but I have an early start and a long day tomorrow” and “maybe I’ll just take a nap.” Luckily my boyfriend’s amazing and sensed my hesitation so he made the decision before I had to. (He didn’t come over so that I could get some sleep.) Normally I would know that sleep is what I needed and would not waver, but I had not practiced yoga in 5 days and was feeling ungrounded and unsure.
Last week I had 7 performance gigs in 7 days and between the sleep, travel and work I did not find time to practice as much as I’d like. Being away from and then getting back to my mat reminded me of how important it is to MAKE time for my practice. It makes me feel better within myself which makes me a better person. It gets me out of my head and back into my body so that I have clarity. From that clarity I can be confident and make decisions that I trust and that support my life.

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